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     The Cattery "Avatara" is in Mariupol (Ukraine), it deals with professional breeding of elite cats of Canadian Sphynxes, Elf and Bambino Breeds.

     The Cattery registered January, 12, 2007 with #1707405 at the Donetzk Region Cat Club "Lucky Star", which is the member of the International League of Cat Fanciers and WCF (World Cat Federation). January 5, 2008 the Cattery got International certificate #023 (to see certificates).

Svetlana Sigova

     The owner of the cattery is the instructor-felinologist Sigova Svetlana.

     Our Cattery is young and not very big, but in such catteries the animals have more care and love. Every cat is a person. The cats of our cattery are the best titled elite cats from Belgium, USA and Russia.

     Our cats don`t sit in cages, they freely walk about the house, kitten are in the contact with a person from their first days of birth, therefore they are socially adapted.

     The Cattery is at the constant control of a skilled vet-doctor Rudchenko Igor (the manager of the vet. hospital, state inspector of vet. medicine).

     The task of our nursery is to grow up a strong and healthy cats according to standard, which will be decoration of different exhibitions and bring happiness and joy to their owners.

     Our cats have the titles of champions of the breed, of international champions, of Grand International Champions, they are winners of prestigious exhibitions. The Cattery brings up the kitten who are decoration of not only the houses of Russia and Ukraine but also of USA and France.

     Buying a kitten at our nursery you are guaranteed get an animal of a high quality with excellent appearance and real "sphynx" character.

     Our kitten leave the nursery at the age not less than 12 weeks old. At the moment of purchase the animal has got a vaccination, got accustomed to the claw-sharpener and life in a family, have all the documents.

     Phone ton us and you'll get a detailed information about the breed and its peculiarities.

The cattery supplies you:

  • Help in the choice of a kitten
  • Consulting of bringing up
  • Vet. consulting
  • Show grooming

Best regards, instructor-felinologist
Sigova Svetlanа

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