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     The kitten may refer to one of the following breeding classes:

  • Pet-quality (PET)
  • Breed-quality (BREEDER)
  • Show-quality (SHOW)

     There are three definitions of groups of animals.

     Show-quality. This indicated a high level and the highest quality, and the animals in this group, intended for exhibition and breeding. Accordingly, it is the most prestigious and expensive cats. These include animals that are fully compliant with all standards. They have a minimum of defects and no blemish, it is - the standard of the breed.

     Breed-quality. Animals in this category are intended primarily for breeding work, i.e. for the reproduction of kittens. Basically, all breeders are considering in this group only the females, because the males of breed-quality usually refers to the next, the third group - PET. Animal of breed-quality - it is a healthy female with a great pedigree and good reproductive heritable traits. Goal number one for a cat - give birth to healthy and strong kittens. When the owner of the cattery is in a difficult financial situation and can not afford for his nursery cat of show-quality, the female of breed-quality - an excellent solution.

     Pet-quality - the last group. This category may include both males and females with very low quality or that have a disqualifying flaws and serious shortcomings (cryptorchidism, breaks on the tail, a marriage of equal skin color, the marriage of eye color, etc.), animals that are due to certain circumstances can not reproduce as well as cats of breed-quality and a cats with lower quality than the breed (poorly visible signs of the breed), i.e. those who have no perspective in breeding. Animals of this group should cost less all the rest.

     From the foregoing it follows that all three groups have different meanings and price.

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