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You are greeted by The cattery "AVATARA"
Canadian Sphynxes, Elfs and Bambino!

Our kittens

   Professional cattery "AVATARA" is the closed type cattery, and in order to avoid various virus and infectious diseases our manufacturers mated only in our cattery!

   We are pleased to offer elite Canadian Sphynx, Elf and Bambino kittens from the titled manufacturers bloodlines: Belgium, United States, France and Russia, with rare colorpoint colors: blue point, chocolate point, seal point, lilac point, and the same colors in a variation of the white and white with different eye colors!

   Our manufacturers are perfectly meet the standards of the breed, as evidenced by the systematic participation in exhibitions. Pairs are selected in such a way that the offspring of superior quality breeding parents!

   All manufacturers of our cattery have negative results of studies on:

 FIV (feline AIDS)
 FeLV (feline leukemia)
 FIP (feline viral peritonitis)
 chlamydia (Chlamydia species)
 HCM (cardiomyopathy)

   In our cattery, all animals have DNA-test (determination of color at the genetic level) from the United States Genetic Laboratories, California.

   For any disease acquired during the life of a friend's house - a viral, bacterial or other nature Breeder is not responsible.

   All photos posted on the site are the property of "AVATARA" cattery. The reproduction, copying, commercial use of these images must be agreed with the owner of the cattery "AVATARA".


Best regards, instrustor-felinologist
Svetlana Sigova

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